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The Beginning of the Transition

But But, I loved
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Greetings followers of But, But, I Loved, a novel in progress.

I received a number of excellent helps and suggestions on the chapter excerpts tpublished on the blog.  It has been an interesting trip with the premise of the novel being our main paranormal character, Shea,  is unable to answer questions about herself, but through conversation she is able to reveal things about herself which eventually bring us to the story of what had happened to her in life.

I have created a strong start in the ten chapters already created.  My next step is to step away from writing our conversations (don’t worry there will be more written), complete the fact matrix and write the story of Shea. In a way, the novel is two stories.  One, what happened to Shea and two, the story of the paranormal Shea and this guy.

I am excited as I transition to this part of the process.  I now get specific with who Shea was, when Shea was, where Shea was, etc, you get the drift.

A word about the matrix.  There are many historic interesting facts that will be presented in this novel. I have been upping my research as I write.  There are many historical memories in my general knowledge set. I am constantly told how it is amazing that I am able to remember such items. I wanted  to not only share those facts with many, but I also have had fun looking up the information so that I can present these items with most accuracy.

It will be the type of novel where you may just say, “I wonder how true that is,” and then go to the web to look up the statement.   

One more note.  I have just completed reading the book “A Hard Day’s Write”, the stories behind every  Beatles Song. While most of the Beatles songs list John Lennon and Paul McCartney as the composers.   The book explains how many of the songs were started by John and completed by Paul or vice versa.

The song that intrigued me the most is “A Day in a Life”.  This one song is actually two songs put together. John wrote the first half which has a very distinctive story.  Paul wrote the second half with a very different story line. The bridge between the two songs makes it a successful song.

The same is true with “Starship Trooper” by YES. Three songs written each by Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, and Chris Squire, but one beautiful musical piece.  Many symphony compositions are of this type.  A symphony is generally two, three, or four movements, or  stories, tied loosely together.  “Starship Trooper” is a tighter story.

As I start to write my “second” story as I am finishing the matrix. The matrix is used to track the facts that Shea uses to communicate her background.  By writing Shea’s story now, I will also determine any specific facts to add to the matrix.  I will then be able to continue the chapters of conversation.

Stay tuned!



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