A break then moving forward

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A break then moving forward

But But, I loved
Published by Scott Denys in Writing updates · 6 August 2018
Greetings followers of But, But, I Loved, a novel in progress.

It has been a while since last updated.  As mentioned in a previous blog post it was time to create the actual story of Shea.  Our conversational dialogue had come to the point that it was time to start getting some more specific items out of Shea or she would be this spirit for life in the apartment.  While the conversation has been fun and there is a chance that one could easily fall in love with Shea, we must remember our purpose; find out why Shea decided to remain to find out what had happened to her.

The month of August us usually a challenge time wise for me.  First, on a weekly basis I create the slide presentations for my churches Sunday services and with the exception of one week August is no exception.  While some may not think that this is a creative endeavor, I have created some standards for the presentation.  Also, the before service ad loop does allow for areas of creativity beyond basic information.

I am an avid softball player.  I went back to playing after the last of my kids decided they had completed their youth baseball careers. Between the three kids there was over twenty years of assisting with coaching.  Throw in a few soccer seasons (sort of the blind leading the blind) and basketball endeavors, it was my turn to play again.  So this week I have the end of season double elimination tournament which if we keep winning goes more than one evening starting Monday night.

In the past it has generally been get the kids ready for school.  But this year that is a bit different.  Technically the last has finished his basic schooling.  While he is looking ahead at the possibilities of grad school, the school concept changes here in application.  In other words the time commitment is different.

In August there is the LIVEFIT WITH LUPUS golf outing.  Information can be found at livefitwithlupus.org.  My responsibilities include doing the graphic setup and coordinate printing for hole sponsorship signs and coordinate picture taking at the event.

Lastly, this year I will  be taking a week to visit my mom, step dad, sister and brother-in-law down southwest in a state that has better tax laws that Illinois (that doesn’t narrow it down too much).  I haven’t seen my mom and step dad for over a year so this will be a good time.  The spaceship will be loaded and my wife will join me on the trek.  With the exception of an oil change which may be done down there, all upgrades have been made and the vehicle is ready to go.

So, what this means for you, is starting on Monday August 20, my full attention turns to the next steps towards completion of “But But, I Loved” the novel in progress.  This means I will be getting to the point to put a few more excerpts out there.  It also means that I now get to have Shea help me find the outcome as to what had happened to here in her earthly life.

I promise you this, it will be unlike anything you have read.  It will be happy, sad, adventurous, and also give some insight into some more of society as it is and it was.

I don’t know about you, But I am so ready to get the vacation completed and get back to the pen.  Watch the blog and your emails for those who signed up for email alerts at www.butbutIloved.com.






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