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It's been two weeks

But But, I loved
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Hi But But I Loved Novel in Progress followers,
It has been two weeks since our last communication.  I have been doing a combination of writing new sections and edit writing existing sections.   
It is a very exciting and very busy process.  In choosing the concept of a paranormal mystery with an embedded real world style mystery with conversations, there are many facets which must tie together.  We remember that in a paranormal mystery there is only one real rule.  That rule is to be consistent.  
Paranormal mysteries do not have to adhere to the basic rules of science, we get to make them up as we go.  But we do have to be consistent with the rules.  It is not proper to throw a thought out there to never be used again.  Thoughts must be developed and then consistently followed.  This is where the editing, rewriting, text insertion and deletion are most important.

I have always been a verbal story teller.  A verbal story teller always works within a limited time frame.  The story must be started, developed, and completed within the allowed length of conversation.  My verbal story telling skills were developed in person and on the radio.  When doing an 80’s 90’s top hits formatted radio show, I was told that I had to talk over what was called the ramp.   
This was hard for me as I had developed my initial love for radio with the beginning of FM Radio where the rule was to talk, then stop talking when you started the music. My stories were limited to the length of the ramp, or the instrumental start of the song.  Average ramps are the to thirty seconds.  If I had a longer story to tell, I would Play America by Neil Diamond.  It had an almost two minute ramp.
As a side note, when the program manager told me that I had to talk over the ramp to be more consistent with the satellite feed diskjockies, I could not let it go without some form of protest.  The first song I played was Jan Hammer’s Theme from Miami Vice.  There are no lyrics and the dirty look then chuckle I got from the program manager was more than worth it.
Before long I will be publishing some excerpts from the novel in progress.  I will be looking for your opinions and also give you some new writing to enjoy.

Drop a line and tell me what your thoughts are!!

For now, back to the novel writing!!

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